Rattles Ride For Cancer

Around Australia by Horse and Wagon



e: ianretallack@yahoo.com.au

fb: Rattles Ride

m: 0498467735

TO DONATE: http://wa.cancercouncilfundraising.org.au/Rattlesride


  1. Sandi Evans says:

    Hi Ian, what a wonderfull journey you are going on.My name is Sandi and I work at the Boyup Brook Hospital and the Lodge as a Activity Assistant. I heard you on the radio Monday morning. When do you think you will get to Boyup Brook. Would you like to come and visit the residents at the Lodge and Have Lunch with us or morning or afternoon tea, and tell us of your journey. WE would love to see you. My phone number is 0407081377. Regards Sandi.

  2. Sandi Evans says:

    Howdy Ian, What a wonderful Journey you are going on. I heard you on the radio on Monday and heard what you are doing. I too lost my Beautifull Mother to Cancer two years ago. I work at the Boyup Brook Hospital and Lodge as a Activity Assistant. When will you be coming through this way and are you staying in town. Would you like to visit the residents and have lunch or morning/afternoon tea with us and tell us of your journey. Sorry we have roast on Thursdays. But I can vouch for the food here, the kitchen staff do wonderful meals.We would love to see you and wish you luck. Where do you want donations sent to. My phone number is 0407081377. Hope to hear from you soon. Regards Sandi.

  3. Jane says:

    Hello Ian

    I just saw you on Channel 7. I absolutely love what you are doing. I’ve had horses since age 8 and it brought back all the memories of driving my pony & then horse when I got older-11. We drove spiders in the pony trots and harness at the local shows and pony club. We also joined the harness club when I was 16 and dad would sometimes do weddings. He mainly built his spiders and buggys but we have one he bought – it’s an 1890’s Abbott Buggy. I’m trying to sell it. I love your wagon – how cool and what an adventure you would have. I’m a little jealous.

    If you are driving through BUSSELTON – Please call me on 0409 692 871. I have a few friends with farms and I know they would be so happy to help you.

    Also, I’m so sorry to hear about your mums passing through cancer, she sounds like a lovely lady. I had an uncle who I miss – he passed from stomach cancer. I’ve been reading a lot about the natural cures. The cures I’ve come across are vitamin C drip and Gerson Therapy (http://gerson.org/gerpress/). Dr Max Gerson found a cure in 1923 and was poisoned to death for his efforts by his secretary (twice).

    What beautiful horses you have. Enjoy your journey and I wish you every happiness.

    Kindest regards


  4. deb and john says:

    Hi ian
    Best wishes on your adventure around australia. When you visit albany come to valentines on the crescent in middleton beach and have a sunday roast on us. We look forward to meeting you :)

    • admin says:

      Wow the meal was great thankyou and the service was second to none take the family down for the best food ever and very clean and tidy as well. The staff will treat you like royalty. Valentine at mildleton beach.

  5. Ross Young says:

    Hi Ian, how is your trip going so far? We would like to get a schedule of your travels if possible. It would be great if we can get a Telstra wide media event organised where you pop in to one of stores for some media at each major town and then we will organise for the local papers etc to pick it up. I am also in the process of seeing what more we can do in way of donations to your cause. I will let you know what Telstra cooperate get back to me.

    Thanks and safe travels.

  6. Gail Wharton says:

    Hello Ian & your lovely furry companions,

    What a wonderful idea and for such a worthy cause. You are a legend and will be remembered for what you have set out to achieve, all the very best. I hope your journey goes smoothly and you enjoy the ride. We saw you on tv just before you set off.

    My folks and I actually passed you on our way back from Denmark (travelling towards Mount Barker) on Tuesday the 5th Nov – the day and race that stops the nation. We waved but didn’t realise that it was you, until we had already gone by. We would have stopped and said g’day, but also thought that you can’t possibly stop and chat to every single car going by, but I did slow right down when we came around the corner and saw the horses. A rule that has stuck in my head all my life – to slow right down when approaching horses, or any animals along the road.

    I hope you get all the support you need on your trip and that friendly people will take you and your team in for a rest and a well deserved feed along the way.

    Best wishes,

    Gail Wharton (Baldivis) & Fred & Marie (Wagin).

  7. Sal says:

    Hi Ian. Met u Cuthbert eve b4 Albany, by train track, the horses were unperturbed by their first train. What a sight, a thousand horse power vehicle compared with your 2 horse powered vehicle! Anyway, anytime you’d like those fence sticks I will supply new ones to you. I’ve survived ‘C’ twice, lost a breast, want u, Ian and dog and horse drawn wagon to survive the journey raise cancer funds. Bon voyage, Sal

  8. wendy says:

    Hi Ian it was such a great oppotunity to see you travel with your horses and cart for such a wonderful cause. Best of luck with the rest of your journey and safe travel.

  9. Debbie Tryhorn says:

    Your a true inspiration !!!

  10. Catherine says:

    G,Day Ian
    Well mate you are at this moment out at Balladonia. it was great to meet yesterday (sunday). It is going to be 37 here in perth today, I am just hoping it is not to hot out there for you and Patty & Matt, and Russ.
    Must go for now have a great day and will see you again on Wednesday morning. :)

  11. Cheryl North says:

    Hello, I’m wondering if you call on an old fella in Iron Knob on your way through. He lives in the second place on the left past the old roadhouse. He has horse yards and somewhere to camp if you need it. His name is John Herbert or Herbie. He would love a visit. He used to work on stations and rode in local races plus broke in horses. He is good for a yarn. Regards Cheryl North. I’m a friend of his but have moved to Port Lincoln.

  12. Cheryl North says:

    Oh and he lost a closeate with cancer.

  13. Cheryl North says:

    Sorry a close mate.