Rattles Ride For Cancer

Around Australia by Horse and Wagon


My inspiration for the horse and wagon trip is my mum.


385791_2608317568575_1235599174_nMy beautiful mother who battled cancer for ten years – then it all came back. But mum had this idea that life goes on and enjoyed every moment of it. She walked around as if nothing was wrong. It all started when mum put a patch on her breast for hormones that were meant to help, not give you cancer.

After mum had her breast removed it did not faze her, she had the chemotherapy and kept on going as you do. The family knew that mum had the spirit to keep on going and she did, for another ten years. The cancer came back, but this time it was in her bones so she could not walk very well. On her 50th wedding anniversary I then told her to go to the doctor, but she said that she would be okay. My father had told her to see the doctor many times before I told her. She eventually went and the doctor told her she had cancer in the bone of her leg. This meant an operation to remove the bone from her leg and and replace it with a pin. She was up and walking straight away. Mum was tough, I brought her a cane she never used.

As time went by mums bones took a toll, the cancer had spread to her back bone and finally mum had to be put in a wheel chair. She liked been pushed around. We took her to shopping centres and all over.

Mum did never let us see that the cancer worried her, she had the attitude that she would not worry anyone, she didn’t want sympathy. What kept her happy was that we were happy. She always made sure that we were all ok, she loved all of us

Mum died two days before her 70th birthday, so we all got together and had a birthday for her, flowers on the table and the family together for the first time in years.

Just before my mum passed away, my brother Steve was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer. All he thinks about is that he has reached the end, but I know and feel that he will be okay. He has been through chemo and has not been told the outcome yet. He advised me that I should get tested as well. I booked in on the 13th August 2013 for the test.

IMG_3819I will always try to help others as best as I can, so this is why I’m making this trip around Australia with a wagon and two horses, Mattnamaras Band (Matt) and El-Padrino (Paddy) given to me by Willis Racing and Pacing and my dog Russ given to me by Nathan Nelson.

All this is to help raise as much money for research as we possibly can. Let’s hope that it will help those in need to live and cherish every moment of life with their family and friends.

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Ian Retallack


  1. Frank Collier says:

    Hello Ian, I will be one of the musicians supporting you when you get to Bornholm. I have 42 acres just down the road, and you will be welcome to stay and rest your horses for as long as you want.
    Colin has told me about your trip, and I look forward to meeting you.
    ph (home) 9845-2574
    or mob 0467-044-360
    cheers Frank.

  2. jo says:

    Best of luck Ian and your mighty crew.
    Hope you enjoyed your tea last night!
    It was a nice evening having a few drinks with you…Take care
    Jo ~ Mayanup (Boyup Brook)

  3. Liz & Leon Whelan says:

    Hi Ian, sorry we couldn’t get down to Bornholm, hope things are going well. Leon’s new knife should be here next week in time for his birthday. LOL. Enjoy the rest of your journey and raise lots of money for cancer.
    Hugs Liz.

  4. Hello Ian,

    Great to meet you and the horses and dog in Esperance the other day at the Farm Market.

    I am currently in Balladonia trying to get across before the heat really hits.

    Stayed in Fraser Range last night, lovely location and people. I am sure you would be welcome there as they have horses.

    Merry Christmas to you and the animal crew.

    I will try to get on your Facebook page and check your progress.

    Best wishes with your epic journey

  5. Yvette and Warren says:

    Passed you on the way to Norseman and spoke to your support crew. I recent lost my best friend to cancer she was only 43 so I am sending all our best wishes to you on your journey. Will be making a donation – thank once again and good luck :)

  6. Margaret says:

    Hi Ian, we are from Maleny QLD, near Beerwah, and we met you, Matt, Paddy and Russ on the road between Salmon Gums and Norseman, WA. Hope to catch up and see how you are going when you get to QLD. All the Best, Andrew and Marg

  7. Shawn and Nicole says:

    It was great for us and the kids to have met you at Fraser Range caravan park. We’ve been spreading the word so hopefully more will know about your journey and donate to the cause. Hope Matt behaves himself, and give Russ a pat for us too.

  8. Dave says:

    Mate just passed you on what I assume was the Nullabor and sent me a photo. Good luck and well done!

  9. Denise Coxon says:

    Hi cousin what great journey you are on, thinking of you and stay safe. Where are you now. Need to log a map of your travels. You cousin Denise

  10. Cathy Martin says:

    Ian, I live in Canada, and my three kids are in Australia. My youngest daughter just met you by chance, she is driving across the country with two friends from Perth to Melbourne. The stopped at a gas station and were asked to deliver a package to you, they figured the car would catch up to you, which they did about 3 hours later!
    My daughter Lisa was so inspired by your story, she sent me the link to read about you. I lost both my parents to cancer, my mother was taken when I was 10, and my father when I was in my early 30’s.
    She wants to help spread the word of your journey and cause, hopefully we can help make an impact on this side of the pond!
    Best wishes and good luck as you continue !
    Cathy Martin

  11. Christine and Silvio Wirth says:

    Hello Ian we just stopped with u on the road and had a chat …my husband Silvio is he relay for life guy …what a wonderful “thing” u r undertaking … Hope u enjoy the cakes xxx safe and happy travelling xxxx

  12. Chris allenby says:

    G’day mate I passed you a couple of weeks back now just before cuiguna on the eyre hwy, mate what a fantastic thing you are doing, you called me up on the UHF and told me to come round you with my truck, I was laughing to myself as i wasn’t expecting a UHF on you horse drawn wagon hahaha, man it’s hard enough to drive the paddock let alone being a horse pulling a wagon and the driver sitting in the blazing heat.
    I wish you well and safe journeys mate I hope you hit the million mark and more, and let’s hope the big man upstairs takes care of your horses and gives them the strength needed to fulfill your trip well done and I’m sure australia salutes you mate take care keep safe.
    Regards Chris.

  13. Debbie Leonard says:

    Hi Ian,
    Deb & Rob from boyup brook. How are you going. Hope you are doing fine. Let us now how you are doing. Cheers Deb.

  14. Sean Ramsell says:

    Wishing you all the best, my kids wrote in their journals that the night they spent with the ‘man & horses’ was the best night on the nullabor. They use your book for their reading before bed each night too. “Always look on the bright side” Love, The BumbleBee & kids.

  15. Rod & Judy Nichols says:

    Good to meet you at Jillah Rockhole rest area near Mundrabilla.. Take care of yourself and your animals.

  16. All the best to you Ian, nice to meet you your dog Russ and your lovely horses at Jillah Rockhole. Amazing thing your doing .

  17. Ray Willis says:

    Hi Ian have been reading about your travels,as you near Adelaide have you rest paddocks for yourself and the horses? If not i may be able to help as am 30kms south of Adelaide and know of 40 acres with feed and water.. Good luck on your travels mate.

  18. Klaus Tebelmann says:

    Hallo Ian,how are you,hope you are travelling well. we have have spoken,we have spoken with each other .in the Basin ,Bordervillage and on the Nullabor.Will see you on Saturday maybe at Yelata,or Nundroo,have some water for you and the Horses.

  19. jeff says:

    gidday rattles,, all goin well out there in the paddock m8 ???. headin north this week m8 so cant catch up with you for a while yet.. but got your water bottles fill o fresh rainwater. also caught up with local vet about some beaut for the horses.. no probs there just gotta get it to you.. lookin forward to my next trip across.. take care and keep your chin up m8 were all thinkin of ya..

  20. Catherine Williams says:

    Well it is just abut come to a end, getting to see you, Russ, Patty and of course Matt. I Frist, meet you at ballabonia WA, Rain hall and shin you are out there ,with a big smile.
    LOL even when you looked up there I was with the camera in my hand. The Happy Snapper. I am going to miss you all.
    So Please have a Fantastic and safe journey. I am going to miss take photos for you on your Journey. Take care mate. xx

  21. paula hibbert says:

    I only saw news of your fantastic effort on the SAPOL site this morning. I wish you all the luck in the world and hope that you reach your fundraising goal. I hope you and your beautiful 4-legged companions have a safe and successful trip. Well done!

  22. Steve & Iona Cootes says:

    Hi Rattles & Russ the dog & horses. See you in Wudinna on Sunday for a coffee. Everyone we’re truckies so we make sure Rattles has plenty of water, smackos for Russ & carrots for horses. C u up the road bye!!!!

  23. Evie Nicolaou says:

    Hi Ian my name is Evie, and would like to say its fantastic what you are doing for bowel cancer. I was diagnosed with lower bowel cancer. I’m going through chemo and radio at the moment. Still trying to get over it. I was just saying to my oncologist, I don’t understand why Breast Cancer gets so much publicity around the world. I feel here in Melbourne the breast cancer patients have so much help out there, but with bowel cancer I have found I have to help my self. It’s about time we need more people out there like you, to do what you are doing. To tell the public that bowel cancer kills people after from Breast cancer. I’m very proud of what you are doing. Will you be coming through Melbourne Victoria? If so when? All the best. Regards evie

  24. Peter Defina says:

    Hi Ian,

    When you get to Sunbury just before you get to Melbourne on the Hume Highway.
    We have a lovely farm on 40acres that you are welcome to rest your horses and stay with us on the main farmhouse. Plenty of food here and the house is nice and warm.
    Just send me a email and I will reply with my details.

    Best Regards, Peter